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ATTENTION ALL MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL RIDERS….   Have you ever dreamed of competing in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) when you go to college?

How would you like to start competing right now in an organization that mirrors the IHSA and will help prepare you to compete in college?

My name is Alicia Story. My husband, Head Coach of the College of Charleston Equestrian Team Bob Story, and I coach the women's Varsity Equestrian Team at the College of Charleston (C of C) at Storybook Farm.
We have organized a composite team which is comprised of riders from the area's middle and high schools. Our tryouts are open to anyone who rides and would like to show in the IEA.  The riders will only be required to take 2 team lessons per month during the competition season at our farm and ride our horses. We will provide all grooming supplies and tack. For the competitions you will be required to have a complete show outfit. The IEA offers four levels of riding, starting with walk/trot/canter all the way through the Open division. This means that there is an opportunity for beginner riders as well as riders competing at the USEF rated shows.  

 We are not interested in changing your present riding program (trainer/barn) in any way. This is simply an opportunity for you to experience a very different and challenging way to compete that will help prepare you for college competition. We enjoy meeting new riders and working with them and their trainers to offer the best IEA experience possible. We are extremely proud of bringing together so many of the Charleston area's best riders...riders who would never have crossed paths in life become close friends on this warm and friendly team. 

 Our 34 year involvement with the IHSA gives us the knowledge and experience to make this team fun as well as successful.  

 The IEA is a stepping stone to the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) in which our C of C Team has been competing in since 1983. The Cougars have been nationally ranked in the top 10 fifteen times since 1983. We are thrilled to offer this level of competition to middle and high school students across the Tri-County area.  

The following is an excerpt from the IEA web site:  The mission of IEA is to introduce students in private and public middle and secondary schools to equestrian sports, to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized student competitions, to provide students with organized competitive events and to provide additional equine educational opportunities. Through the IEA, students may also have the opportunity to earn scholarships towards their college education.  

How It Works The IEA was founded on the principle that any middle school or high school student should be able to participate in horse shows, regardless of their financial status or riding level. The IEA attempts to eliminate the expenses of students owning horses and allows more students to compete. Students ride horses that are furnished by the host barn and chosen by drawing lots. The use of personal tack is not allowed and limited schooling is permitted. The theory behind this structure is to equalize variables of the competition and test the horsemanship of the contestants. Classes range from walk/trot/canter for first year students to the Open Division for the more experienced riders.

For more information on becoming a part of this up and coming team please contact me, Alicia, at 843-324-3334/ apstory89@aol.com  or Bob at 843-324-3335 / storyb@cofc.edu . Check us out at www.storybookfarminc.com . You may also go to www.rideiea.org for information on this organization.

Please go to http://www.rideiea.org  for more information on this organization.

1136 Bees Ferry Road Johns Island, SC 29455
                  Alicia: 843.324.3334
                   Bob: 843.324.3335